Don’t be a “One Trick Pony” in Life

March 19, 2012

As we begin to grow older and we’re no longer exposed to new ideas, people, experiences or lessons through things like attending school, we start to get a little stale.

Maybe it’s that we’ve settled into a regular form of exercise… you’ve been running for years.

We resort to the same tried and true ways of showing others we care… you sent flowers, again.

Or maybe at work we use our same little tricks to get the job done… more drop shadows anyone?

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these things on their own, but when you resort to being a “one trick pony” in any, and in some cases, ALL areas of your life, that’s when you’re going to have problems.

What’s the big deal anyway?

It’s tried and true… it WORKS. So what’s the big deal with sticking to what you’ve been doing for some time now? When you settle into “what works,” you effectively STOP GROWING as a person. You stop trying new and different things, expanding your mind, learning new skills and finding NEW ways to connect with yourself, others and the world around you.

If you’re feeling “bleh” about life, there’s a very good chance you’ve become a “one trick pony.”

You’re bored… in a rut… lacking inspiration, possibility and PASSION. You’re doing just enough to get things done. Nothing more, because this’ll do. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right? Wrong.

Sure, there a times that you really don’t need to mess with what’s working, but when you find yourself in a life rut, stale and lacking passion and joy, it’s time to change things up!

How to break out of the “One Trick Pony” lifestyle…

Do something DIFFERENT.

If you’re deep in a rut or not a fan of change, this might sound a little overwhelming, but not to worry… you can start small! Start by taking a new route home from work or checking out a different grocery store for shopping. Buy a new type of salad dressing or eat at a restaurant with a cuisine you’ve never experienced! Buy a new detergent with a different scent!

Once you get comfortable making little changes in your daily and weekly routines, move it on up to the big ones! Challenge yourself to do something at work in a completely NEW and DIFFERENT way. How can you improve? Change things up? Bring in new flair and style? Pick up a new book on the work that you do and try a new technique! Take a class, switch roles in the company or move to a new company with a completely different product or service.

Look at each area of your life and begin to pinpoint where you might be a one trick pony stuck in a massive rut. Instead of flowers or cards, what’s a new and fun way you can show someone you care? What’s a new and different way you can move your body in addition to what you already love?

By doing things differently, you’ll find more joy and excitement in your life. You’ll also be making sure to keep your brain healthy by giving it new challenges on a regular basis.

Learn something new.

I’m talking TOTALLY new here! While it’s great to change things up and learn new things in areas you’re already skilled, it’s even better to challenge yourself to something you’ve never done before. The best part about this one is that when you’re in a rut or not totally in love with your life, you’re likely to gravitate towards something that is in line with your passion and purpose. You’re also likely to be drawn towards something that fills a void in your life.

Maybe you have a secret longing for photography or you’d love to take a pottery class to tend to the neglected creative within you. Perhaps you want take a course on caring for sick animals or working with special needs children to share your love and give back.

Take some time to think about what you’d really LOVE to learn, then find a tutor, class, course or meetup group where you can begin to learn more about it!

Challenge yourself to CONSTANTLY learn and grow!

Make a personal commitment to continue learning and growing as a person. Don’t just move from one rut into another. If you’re taking a new class this month, sign up for a free lecture series on a new topic next month. Go to the library and browse a random area that you’ve never visited… maybe it’s the cook book section, arts and crafts or advanced calculus! The only requirements are that you have an interest in it and you’re OPEN to learning something NEW.

Take action now!

Leave a comment below sharing at least ONE area where you may be living as a “one trick pony.” Share with me how you’re going to start shaking things up! Will you start small and take a new route home from work or are you going to sign up for a class?

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