Three Simple Steps to Increase Your Energy and Experience More Joy in Your Life!

March 13, 2012

You’re an energy based being, whether you’re aware of it or not. Your energy is effected by those around you, the weather, the planets and stars, noise, food and more. Everything and everyone in your life is created by and generates energy.

The most important thing to realize is we all operate at a different frequency. We have different levels at which we can give and receive this energy. We’re unique, we’re sensitive and far too often we give away too much!

Think about it…

Have you ever been around someone who zaps the life out of you?

Have you every been completely overwhelmed by a space?

Have you ever packed your week so full that it leaves you wanting to cry?

If not then you may be a highly extroverted individual that just loves everything and everyone, all the time. That’s awesome, but this post isn’t for you. This post is for people who find themselves exhausted on a regular basis, overwhelmed by the people in their life or just plan scattered and frazzled. The people who can’t find the energy to do what they love, are constantly catering to everyone else’s needs and might even feel a little depressed or worn out by life.

If you feel these things, extroverted or introverted, you’re not honoring your energy.

How to Honor and Respect Your Energy

If you want to live a life filled with joy and passion, you have to learn how to respect and honor YOUR energy first and foremost. This is especially true if you’re introverted.

1. Know Yourself and Your Energy Cycle

We all have a cycle, men included, but especially women. There are times in your cycle that you feel energized, extroverted, social, fun and loud. These are the times you want to do everything and see everyone! Then there are also times when all you want to do is sit at home on the couch in your PJs and turn off your phone and email. You want to shut the world out.

Both ends of this spectrum are NORMAL. We all experience them, just to different degrees. It’s important to learn your cycle and begin to honor your energy patterns. If for three weeks you love to get out, socialize and experience the world, but for one week you wish you could just tuck away and not see anyone, honor that. If you’re the opposite and three weeks out of the month you like to be tucked away working on your own hobbies, but one week you love to be out on the town with your pals, honor it. If you fall somewhere in between or you have a very random and scattered pattern, HONOR IT.

There is no RIGHT cycle of energy. You don’t have to want to see people regularly or feel bad for taking time to yourself. In fact, you’re doing the people in your life a disservice by not honoring those times you don’t want to see them. If you take that space, you’ll feel more refreshed, happy and really enjoy your time together.

2. Use Your “Down and Out” Time to Recharge

Just the same as there’s no right or wrong energy cycle, there’s no right or wrong way to recharge. While you’re on the low end of your cycle, make sure to do the things that recharge and refresh you. Get a massage, watch cartoons for 7 hours straight, read a good book or just sleep. Maybe recharging your batteries is getting out and about, but by yourself or with a select person that always leaves you feeling invigorated.

Think about the things that refuel you! As you start to know and honor your cycle, you’ll be able to schedule these types of things on the days you know you’re going to need it. After a week jam packed with calls or socializing, I personally plan for a whole day of nothing. That’s right… no phone, no computer, no workouts, nothing. I literally sit on the couch all day and watch TV between naps. I follow that up with a fun day of being out and about doing things that refresh my mind and spirit. Thrift store, beach or a play date with energizing friends.

3. Cut Out Energy Drains

I don’t care if these are people, things or experiences… if it DRAINS your energy, it needs to go.

What’s the best way to tell if something or someone is an energy drain? When you begin to honor your cycle and have taken the time to recharge your batteries, something that’s draining will zap ALL that out almost instantly. If you come back from a two week vacation and are immediately stressed out, frustrated or exhausted by your job, it’s an energy drain. If you go out for a fun girl’s night only to feel upset or overwhelmed when you come home to your boyfriend, he’s an energy drain.

Sometimes these energy drains aren’t things we can just cut out right this instance, but once you acknowledge what they are, take responsibility and adjust the situation. Look for a better job, leave the relationship or try to find ways to improve the situation so that it’s no longer draining you.

Also, anyone that doesn’t honor and respect your energy cycle alongside you is an energy drain. People who push and pull you into situations despite you letting them know you need something else are not people who care about your needs and well-being.

Take Action Now!

I want you to begin tracking the following three things:

  1. How social/extroverted/introverted am I feeling?
  2. What is my energy level on a scale of 1 – 10?
  3. What is my mood?

Ladies, track that menstrual cycle as well for even better results. EVERY day, I want you to quickly jot down your answers to these three questions. Get some fun stickers and use colored markers or highlighters so that you can easily see patterns at a glance. Really look to see what your cycle looks like and begin to plan accordingly!

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