Every Part of Us Has the Same Intention

June 9, 2017

Every part of us has the same intention: to keep us safe.

Sometimes they show up as self destructive, out of control, or even crazy making… but they all come from the same loving place within.

These parts are simply honoring a vow we made with ourself, trying to stay aligned with a deep rooted belief, or working to keep us from getting hurt. They’re doing the best they can based on our patterns and core wounding and past experiences.

Treat each part with love, even if it needs to change.
Give each part compassion, even if makes no sense.
Chip away at each part with patience, even if it’s stubborn.

Anger and frustration have their place, but they don’t create shifts with these parts. Curiosity and kindness go so much further. A willingness to sit with each part and listen to what it has to say… to why it acts the way it does. It may be crazy making, but it contains so much wisdom and insight. Information that holds the key to change and freedom and the ability to choose a new way of being.

Love those parts as much as they love you…
I promise they’ll begin to shift much more quickly.


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