Why Most People Stand Still

June 8, 2017


That’s all I could repeat to myself as I drove home from an intense conversation about blocks and beliefs and how to truly choose a new way of being in certain areas of my life.

Because sometimes no other words will accurately express what it feels like to unearth your deepest patterns and see how you’re playing into them, yet again. Sometimes there’s nothing else to say when you’re forced to face into ways of being that no longer serve you, but you’re also not entirely sure how to choose something different. And sometimes the ahas start flowing in at such an overwhelming pace that you can’t coherently converse about all that’s rattling through your mind.


Because once you’re aware, you have to take action. Actions that will be far from comfortable and incredibly challenging. That go against all the ways you’ve worked to stay “safe” and “secure,” so you can choose a new level of freedom and joy.

These moments are my favorite, because they always come before big, deep shifts. They always signify that I’m about to reach (or have already reached) a tipping point where things can no longer stay the same. Where things MUST be different.


Because growing isn’t easy…
That’s why most people stand still.

I will always choose to dive head first into the work when it presents itself, because it’s only lead me to better, more aligned experiences and relationships. It’s only made me happier and healthier. And it’s the reason I’m so madly in love with this little life of mine, even when it’s hard. Why I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been.

I hope you’ll choose to dive in too.
To face into the work fully, so you can create something new.
Because standing still? It leads to nowhere.


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