Eyes Open

July 31, 2017

Eyes open.

Stay here, stay present, stay engaged.

Breathe through the overwhelm, the fear, the discomfort… but make the choice to stay. Checking out is easier, I know. I spent a huge chunk of my teens and 20s totally numb and dissociated from myself, my life, my body. It was the only way I could get through. I know how much safer it feels to disappear inside yourself than to engage in the world around you with an open heart and your whole self exposed.

When I’m triggered, my default is still to look down or close my eyes completely. To leave. To disengage. To hide. And as I continue to push my edges and step into a new way of being – a new level of living and loving and creating – this has become my mantra:

Eyes open… eyes up.
Stay here, stay present, stay engaged.

The only way to know you’re safe and capable of having something new and different and better is to participate. To show up. To co-create with God or Source or The Universe… with the people around you.

But you have to be here.
You have to be present.
You have to stay engaged.

Eyes open.
You’ve got this.


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