Gathering the Courage to Look in the Mirror

February 5, 2020

After months and months of being stuck in the deepest grief possible, we eventually gather the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror. And often, the person staring back sure doesn’t look like the person we once knew.

Woah, we think.

Is that me? Is this what I look now? Is this who I am?

But it’s not YOU… it’s grief or trauma or heartbreak or shame.
It’s being in the messy middle of healing, or at the very start of the journey.

It’s not how you’re going look like for the rest of your life.
And it’s not who you’re going to end up being.

I don’t know who needs to read this today but… if you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the face in it, give yourself grace. Be gentle and give yourself time to heal. Be the best friend to that person. And I promise you that in time, you’ll be able to smile to the face in the mirror and feel the true joy that comes with it.

But not a moment sooner than feels right for you and your healing.

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