The Desire to Live Life to the Fullest

February 4, 2020

Picture this: You’re standing on a cliff perched on top of a great canyon. The sun’s touching your face. Life’s good.

All of a sudden, you get this strong desire – URGE – to jump off that cliff!


Today’s a good day. You’re not suicidal. There’s nothing wrong.

So why would a perfectly happy individual ever feel like jumping into certain death?

What you’ve experienced is known as “the call of the void.” Or as the French call it, L’appel du vide.

After nibbling at the brain, scientists and psychologists concluded: the desire to die confirms the desire to live. But the Void is so much more than that – a fleeting desire to end your life or live life to the fullest.

The Void is the place of absolute clarity, serenity, and peace.

There are other ways to fall through the void that don’t include jumping off a cliff – and you can easily learn them. Visit to learn how.

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