Getting What We Ask Can Be Terrifying and Hard

May 30, 2021

“This is your year of yes.”

“It’s really become that,” I half-chuckled, half-groaned. “It’s amazing and awful and all the good things.”

Recently, so much expansive support and opportunity have come pouring in all at once. Thanks to my core wounds and trauma, the wonderfulness that’s shown up has me feeling absolutely gutted and disoriented. I have to use all my tools to calm and settle my nervous system to feel steady and open as I lean in.

For many people, getting what we ask for is terrifying and hard. It forces us to own our worth and requires a willingness to receive. Skills and abilities that are often nonexistent or heavily warped when we have trauma (which, spoiler: most of us have!)

If we’re not careful, our subconscious will take over and quickly reroute us far away from all the beauty we’ve called in. And how it happens will seem perfectly reasonable and justifiable because that’s how it goes. We’re too busy, not ready yet, don’t have the money, or someone and something else needs our time and attention first.

We have to have deep self-awareness and immense trust in ourselves to keep navigating forward into what we want despite the impulse to stop or say no. We have to have the strength and courage to lean into what we’re receiving and a willingness to figure things out as we go, even when it’s messy and hard.

Getting what we want isn’t easy.

So if you’re getting what you want right now and it’s absolutely destroying you, or you’re fighting self-sabotage with everything you’ve got, you’re not alone.

It’s trauma and core wounding.
Fear of failure and fear of success.
It’s human nature.

Keep breathing, leaning in, and saying yes.

And get support to do the work of moving through those sticky spots. I regularly do process work, coaching, and acupressure in my own life, and that’s why it’s at the core of what we do in Coaching + Community. Bonus, it’s insanely affordable too!

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