Going Vegan, Giving Back and Getting in Shape

April 9, 2010

April is a crazy month for me… and I knew it would be. It’s been so crazy that I am longing for it to just be over and get to May already. I have been sitting at my computer for DAYS!

That said… here’s an update on what’s happening! 🙂

Going Vegan: I’ve definitely got the vegetarian thing under control. I was planning on waiting until we use up the cheese that’s in the fridge (and the fudgsicle bars) to really give this vegan thing a go… but I’m thinking I may start sooner. Something is still upsetting my stomach and I’m not sure if it’s the remaining dairy or the Apple Cinnamon cake that the Boyfriend and I made TWICE. The goal for this weekend… ditch the dairy and see how I feel.

Volunteering and Giving Back: Awhile back I had emailed Vmentor about their mentorship program that consists of working adults, 25 or older, who mentor foster children in college. I just recently received an email saying that the program will be up and running for this fall semester! Training will take place before August and you are asked for a one year commitment with three matches requiring contact just once a week. I think this will be a lot of fun and I’m super stoked about it. I also joined a local Meetup group that is looking to do some crafting for different charities. The initial meetup is this weekend and I am excited to learn more about what we might be doing. I also emailed another program (found through a Meetup volunteer group) that is a foster care receiving home here on the island that has several different needs. LASTLY, I am also volunteering to pull “weeds” from a local stream here on the second Saturday of every month with a new client of ours.

I’m getting ready to dive back into The Happy Flowers project come May. It’s important to me that this project becomes a 100% recycled materials line. I’m on the hunt for some illustration paper that’s recycled, places to order some Eco-Fi felt and have been buying frames from the local Goodwill vs buying new. I’ve also decided to donate at least $1 of every purchase towards planting a tree with the Plant A Billion Trees project. Pieces with frames donate $5 and mounted pieces $3. I’m very excited about doing this as well.

Getting in my Best Shape Ever: Despite the fact that I have been working around the clock, cooking new meals and catching up on Weeds episodes via Netflix, I have been to the gym FIVE times this week. Every day! All cardio… two days on the elliptical and three days of Turbokick classes. I feel GREAT! There were a couple days that I really, really didn’t feel like going but I made myself do it anyways and it was totally worth it. I can feel my metabolism picking up speed. In addition to the workouts, I’ve also given up chips for April. I miss them, but I can do this!

That’s probably a good update for now. One reason that I wanted to share all this is because when you make a mindset shift and you take action, things really do begin to fall into place. Despite the alarming amount of time I am spending on a project that doesn’t really matter to me, I am feeling alive, inspired and energized by the things I’m doing and the things I’m putting into place.

What is something you can do for yourself right now to make things happen?

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