Stop Exisiting and Start Living (how social media reignited my passion)

March 29, 2010

There are many times that I log into Twitter and think, I’ve got nothing.

Let me start by disclosing what an extremely difficult time I’ve had attempting to write this blog post. When I started writing it, I really only had the first line. This post sat in my drafts for two weeks with many attempts at writing and revisions… yet that is the only line that stayed. That is the line that sparked some serious soul searching.

If you’ve known me prior to this blog, you know
I do a lot of that 🙂

During this two week period, I logged into Twitter daily, I browsed over the growing list of each day’s tweets and continued to wonder how I could have absolutely nothing to contribute? Nothing to say. I have a beautiful and inspiring mission statement… goals and plans to better myself and the world… and yet not one damn thing to say.

Suddenly I became aware that it is because I haven’t been living my mission statement. I haven’t been actively working towards becoming the best, healthiest and happiest me. I’ve simply been existing every single day in a mindless state of dealing with to dos.

And that got me thinking about all the amazing things I will have to say when I am really living true to my mission statement and working towards becoming the best, healthiest and happiest me. And better yet? All of the amazing things I will be experiencing. The growth, the amazing things I will create and the amazing people I will attract. And that my friends, is how social media (or my lack of content) reignited my passion.

So I’ve decided to start really living my mission statement. Being 100% true to who I am and to my dreams. Enough existing day in and day out to simply complete tasks, pay bills and work on things that don’t matter to me. I’ve talked about this a lot and have failed to really make it happen. So allow me to show you from here on out how committed I am to living my mission statement and living a truly inspiring and amazing life.

Some things I’m doing…

I’m becoming a vegetarian first and moving on to becoming a vegan. I was a vegetarian as a child because I love animals… but I wasn’t a healthy one. Instead of helping me become one, my mom simply shoved a pot roast down my throat and made me eat meat again. Now that I’m a grown adult (and a healthier person) I’m very excited to make the switch permanent. To me, it is one of the best things a person can do to make an impact on several causes.

I’m going to find more volunteer opportunities and get myself involved in making change happen. I plan to make my impact through my legacy project, but I also want to do more hands on work. Build homes, read to children, clean up trash, feed/clothe homeless, etc.

I’m going to get in my best shape ever. That means I’m going to become more active. We recently moved and are now 3 minutes from the gym. I’m very excited about this and also about reaching out and finding myself a tennis partner (or five). By going vegetarian, I will also start eating clean.

I’m going to think less and do more. I’m still going to think 😉 but not about all the things that would be nice to do. I’m going to DO them. I’m going to actually cook new recipes, try new restaurants, read more books, craft, paint, write/blog, learn a new language… check things off the old bucket list!

I’m basically LIVING my life. I’ve joined meetup groups for socializing, networking, meditation, yoga, volunteering, fitness and more. I am going to get to the beach more, hike, explore…

I’m going to LIVE more.

And by doing that I know that I will have more to say and more to offer. Until next time…

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