Having My Own Back

April 26, 2017

I’m learning what it means to truly have my own back, especially in relation to other people and their expectations. How to discern between when I’m doing something that honors my needs and feels aligned with where I’m at, and trying to caretake someone else.

There’s nothing wrong with caring for others… with seeing their pain or discomfort and doing what you can to love and nurture them. But there is an issue with going against what feels right and true for YOU, simply to soothe another’s soul. Especially when that person has no consideration for you or your needs, or expects you to bend and fold to their desires because they want something a certain way.

Loving this breakdown by Lissa Rankin… “Discernment is the ultimate form of self care. It’s a way of promising yourself to only allow into your inner circle those who vibrate at the same frequency as you. It’s a promise to yourself to only stay close to those who respect your boundaries, treat you with kindness, choose to behave guided by integrity, and know how to love you with their own open heart.”

Love yourself enough to choose discernment.
It’s a powerful tool.


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