Healing Comes Down To Relationships

August 28, 2020

Healing and growth come down to relationships.

Not just with the healers and support systems that surround us as we do the work… but with ourselves and how we relate to everything and everyone around us.

My work in the last year has been about choosing a new way of being and re-orienting to the world around me. To my work. To my community. To myself. A new way of relating to my grief and trauma so they can move behind me in all the ways they’re meant to, and so that I can learn to carry what’s meant to come forward with as much joy and grace as possible… all while I begin to step into this next chapter of living and loving and creating.

It’s also been about choosing new kinds of relationships that support me in becoming who I’m here to be… relationships that hold and nurture me with love as I learn to thrive in the aftermath of the hardest season of my life.

Relationships are everything.
And relationships come down to choice.

At any moment, we can choose a new way of relating to the ones we love, to the work we do, and to the experiences we walk through in this life. I’m not saying it’s easy or seamless or without heartache and tears… and I’m certainly not saying it happens overnight. It’s hard, and it’s been some of the most challenging work on this journey for me personally… but it’s everything.

And yes, sometimes that choice is to walk away. To choose something or someone different. To let go of what no longer serves us and the hands that are no longer meant to hold us.

But we always have a choice.
What will you choose?


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