Not Living In Your Truth Will Kill You

August 26, 2020

All those small ways you deny yourself and your truth add up. It becomes a habit to bend and fold until you fit into what others want or need. To betray yourself and who you’re here to be until you no longer remember who that person is—slowly spiraling into a deadening that leaves you lost, empty, and depressed.

Not living in full alignment with your truth and who you’re here to be will kill you. It will make you sick physically because you’re sick spiritually. You’re sick at your core, with all your truths and contributions suppressed, festering deep inside your cells.

Doing the work to step into who you’re here to be can feel like certain death because of the fear of rejection and abandonment. The losses you may have to endure and the limiting beliefs you’ll have to overcome. But becoming all that you’re meant to become is what will SAVE you. It’s what will bring you alive in ways you can’t even imagine.

Holding it in…⁣⁣
Suppressing yourself…⁣⁣
Ignoring what wants to come alive…⁣⁣
Not contributing in the ways you’re meant to…⁣⁣
Withholding your truth when it needs to be expressed…⁣⁣
Bending, folding, and trying to fit for the sake of other people’s comfort…

That’s what will kill you.⁣⁣
Slowly but surely.

So what do you do?

You start showing up more fully and tell the truth in every moment. You let go of the people and things that aren’t aligned. You trust yourself and your intuition, having your own back in every moment. You lean into what tugs at your heart and calls to your soul. You settle into the discomfort that comes with learning an entirely new way of being. You commit to living your life fully aligned and fully expressed.

You show up as YOU.⁣⁣
It’s never too late to start.


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