Sometimes We Want The Wrong Things

August 26, 2020

Has this ever happened to you? You get something you’ve wanted so badly, only to realize it isn’t what you actually wanted or needed?

And then you feel even more lost and confused, less confident in your ability to decide what’s right and aligned for you.

Here’s the thing: you’re ALLOWED to change your mind.
That’s part of growth and healing.

Sometimes we want the wrong things.
Sometimes we end up in the wrong place.
Sometimes we end up with the wrong people.

And sometimes, it takes experiencing what’s wrong for us to begin clarifying what’s right.

“Getting it wrong” isn’t what matters.

What matters is gathering up the courage to admit that, yes, you wanted something SO BADLY and were SO SURE that it was the right thing for you… only to realize that, no, it’s not the right thing at all.

People, preferences, and circumstances change.
Give yourself the gift of grace to change with them.

You’re allowed to change your mind and form new opinions.

Get honest about something that isn’t working in your life or relationships right now… even if it’s what you said you wanted. Share below what step you’re going to take to course-correct with ZERO judgment of yourself!!


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