How to Make Decisions with Your Gut

February 7, 2020

What if your gut says NO… but everyone else says YES?

Making a decision can be hard.

And often, it gets even harder when deep down, we know the right thing for us but don’t want to admit it to ourselves. 

Back when I knew little about owning my truth, this would often happen. My gut, my very own navigational compass would scream NO.  

But my family would say YES.
My then-boyfriends would say YES.
My business mentors would say YES.

And of course, they mean well.
Of course, they knew better than me, right?

Well, they meant well but no one can know you as well as you know yourself. It took me a little while – and a lot of heartbreak – to learn to trust myself and my gut fully. But that’s when everything in my life, relationships, and work began changing for the better.

Trust yourself above all else.
Always, always.

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