Navigating Challenging Chapters and Big Life Transitions

February 10, 2020

Challenging chapters and big life transitions.

They leave us disoriented inside our own lives, careers, relationships, and communities. One moment we’re going about our business, and then next moment something happens. Something like trauma, grief, or depression, as well as things like job loss, relocation, divorce, or the loss of another important relationship.

Things that create a certain sense of chaos, causing us to feel lost inside everything that was once known and familiar. Confused about who we are and what happens next. Worse yet, we’re drowning in feelings we’re not used to navigating… feelings like sadness, fear, isolation, and anger.

While these moments are all things awful, they’re also the catalyst for our biggest breakthrough moments. Opportunities to expand and grow into more. To become who we were always meant to be.

But navigating these experiences isn’t easy. Far from it.

Talking more about this in today’s video!

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