How to Make Impossible Goals Happen Rapidly

January 28, 2021

I’m so excited to share what it takes to make the impossible possible and quickly move it into reality.

This is a process, methodology, and matrix framework that I’ve been developing for several years. First learning it for myself, then living it in every area of my life and business, and finally crafting a methodology that will help others start activating around it for themselves.

I’ve personally used this process to:

  • 5x my income, going from roughly $30k to over $150k in less than a year.
  • Manifest the perfect “Rig” (a low-mileage, well-maintained, affordable 4Runner) for adventures, and move to a mountain town that I love.
  • Meet a wonderful, kind, caring partner who loves me for exactly who I am, is my biggest cheerleader, and has enthusiastically supported my growth.
  • Attract clients I adore who are willing to pay me what I’m worth and work in the ways that best suit me and my business.
  • Heal from sudden loss and PTSD, as well as adrenal fatigue, dysphagia, and severe back and hip pain caused by trauma and abuse.
  • And so much more!

I’ve always believed in possibility. In fact, one of the things I’ve said most often throughout my life is, “I’m sure it’s possible.” I’ve said it in response to big visions, business concepts, and everyday ideas people have about what they want.

And it turns out, I was right!

If we desire something, it’s inherently possible. 

That’s just how the Universe works.

This work is applicable throughout all areas of our lives. However, it’s especially useful and necessary when we’re doing healing and growth work. Whether you’re trying to grow yourself, your business, your life, your relationships, or your bank account—or you’re trying to rise up and come back in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions—a lot of things, if not everything, feels impossible.

The reality is, anything that feels impossible is a clue around where we need to shift our way of being in the world, adopting a new paradigm from which to engage with everything and everyone around us. It’s not easy work, and it requires us to look more deeply at our subconscious programming and winning strategies.

Making the impossible happen requires going against those strategies that have kept you safe, and your subconscious mind will fight tooth and nail against it. It will find something—anything—to get you to stick with what you’ve always done. And that something will be perfectly reasonable and justifiable.

The other reason this won’t be easy is it’s tough to claim what we want, let alone put a plan in place to go after it. And the “going after it part” is truly challenging work. All your stuff will come up— fear, stories, stoppers, freakouts, life chaos, self-sabotage—which makes it hard enough to do anything, but even harder to learn an entirely new way of being in the world.

Let's look at the five phases of the matrix!

Phase One: Uncover Your Impossible Desires

The thing about what feels impossible to us is that it clues us into our deep desires and secret visions, and it’s an essential first step.

None of the rest matters if you don’t know what you want—what you really, truly care about making happen. What, if it were possible, would be worth dedicating yourself, your time, your energy, and your attention? What would you be willing to walk through the fiery flames of growth work to have?

We often keep these desires and visions close to our hearts, if we even acknowledge them at all, because others will judge us, laugh us out of the room, or go on reminding us of how impossible they really are. So, instead of sharing them or even claiming them as desires, we tuck them away and focus on what seems possible based on what’s been possible in the past. 

Sometimes though, even if someone else has done something extraordinary—like making a ton of money, healing, finding the perfect community or partnership, or building a successful business or career—we still don’t think it’s possible for us. Because it feels so out of reach from where we are right now, we believe anyone else who has achieved it is just lucky or special.

The truth is, we can’t have the desire for something if it’s not actually possible for us. The fact that we desire it or have a vision for it means it’s possible. But here’s the rub: possibility is not a promise; it’s a call to action.

But it can’t just be a cool idea, something someone else wants, or something reasonable based on what you know is possible or because you’re afraid to fail.

It has to be a burning desire, something that tugs at your heart and occupies your mind. You have to really want it.

Phase two: Eliminate Your Stoppers

Our subconscious stoppers are the things that keep us from taking any action towards what we say we want, and they’re also the things that cause us to self-sabotage when we finally manage to make some progress towards our visions.

The reason for this is that our subconscious mind is wired to keep us exactly where we are, even if it’s painful and uncomfortable. Because it knows that what’s known and familiar are things we can survive.

When I was deep in the depths of my grief, all I consciously wanted was to feel whole and healed and like myself again. I just wanted my life and business back, yet I could never seem to claw my way out. If I started to get traction, something would happen internally or externally that would send me back to where I started.

The reality is, I knew how to be broken, grieving, and traumatized. It was gut-wrenching and painful, but it was known and familiar. Our subconscious does everything it can to keep us from making changes of any kind, that’s its survival instinct at play. Even if that known and familiar thing is incredibly painful or unhealthy, it wants you to stick with what it knows.

One way our subconscious programming shows up is through our winning strategy. This strategy is the very thing that’s allowed you to be as safe, secure, and successful as you are now is the thing that’s making what you want impossible.

That’s a complex concept to grasp and can be a total mind-bender!

Our winning strategy isn’t something we develop; it’s something that develops us from a very young age so we can thrive and stay safe. It’s what allowed us to reach whatever level of success we’re at and to find our place in the world. To be loved, have relationships, and create community. It’s the strategy that you’ve unconsciously used to achieve everything that you’ve achieved—and it’s the reason you can’t make the impossible happen for yourself.

Anytime you’re operating from a subconscious winning strategy, you’re automatically saying that some things are possible and others are not.

Because of that, you’re unable to go for the things that stretch you outside your normal comfort zone. This isn't just about it being uncomfortable and hard; it’s about moving away from what’s known and familiar.

Uncovering your winning strategy requires a bit of workshopping, which is why I created my Make the Impossible Happen training.

It's free, and you can get instant access now:

There's a methodology for making the impossible possible, and it involves five key stages that we move between regularly as we call our big visions and desires into a reality.

  • Learn how to use this powerful  matrix for how to make the impossible possible.
  • Skills to take back your authority and creative power around what's possible in your life.
  • Untangle from your deep-rooted winning strategies and limiting beliefs that have held you hostage for years.
  • Learn how to use the power of desire, decision, and expectation.

Phase Three: Decide and Declare

Deciding and declaring is critical for making the impossible happen. Once we decide—and not just “oh yeah, I think maybe I’ll try and make this happen”—but full mind, body, and soul decide that it’s happening, it allows us to begin shifting our way of being in the world. And once we shift our way of being, so much becomes possible and accessible for us.

Nothing happens without deciding and declaring. 

When we choose this life, it chooses us right back. When we wholeheartedly choose the things we want, they choose us back. It’s how the Universe works, and it’s all about vibration and frequency, as well as shifting our paradigm.

We have first to decide and declare it; otherwise, we never organize ourselves, our lives, and our way of being around making it happen. And when we don’t do that, it’s just a hopeful “someday” goal that never gets realized and is always “sometime down the road.” Someday we’ll heal our physical and emotional ailments, someday we’ll find a way to pay off debt and be financially free, someday we’ll move, someday we’ll start our business, someday we’ll be happy.

When you choose something with all of you, and you take a specific kind of action towards it relentlessly, everything reconfigures around you to make it happen.

Phase Four: Clear the Path

Next, we have to become the clearing for our impossible vision. We do that through our way of being, not just doing things differently.

You see, change and transformation are two very different things.

We create change by altering what we’re doing, but that only leads to continuous improvement around what we’ve already determined is possible for us. When we alter our way of being in the world, we can create true transformation for ourselves because we’re shifting the context and paradigm that we’re operating from, allowing what was once impossible to become possible.

Then, that new way of being influences what we do and how we do it, which moves our new possibility into a reality. But our action is much different.

For now, clearing the path is about calling our future self into the now by being them. This isn’t about faking it until we make it; that’s just a different form of doing things differently disguised as being. We do this by tapping into the version of ourselves with the impossible things we want and showing up as them right now. This requires full embodiment—we’re eating, drinking, acting, talking, walking, doing, creating, connecting, and all the other things from our future self’s way of being—we’re fully embodying them.

The only way we can fully embody this future self is to know who that is by doing the work that comes before this and understanding that we have total authority over what we say is possible or not possible in our lives.

This has always been true, but because we weigh what’s possible on what has been possible in the past, we don’t take this authority. We don’t allow ourselves to fully embody that way of being in the world because it’s more of a nice, intellectual idea.

Phase Five: Bridge the Gap

This is where we start to make our impossible desires a reality, and it’s all about action. That said, when it comes to making the impossible happen, it’s about the types of conversations we’re engaged in, not just what we’re doing. 

We use requests, promises, and declarations to continue closing the gap that we’ve already begun to bridge through our new way of being.

One of the critical conversations we have to engage in is a conversation about what’s missing. Not what’s wrong or what’s not the way it should be; it’s just about what’s missing for us to bring our impossible desires into reality. To do this, we have to release all interpretations of what’s happening to and around us.

Essentially, something happens. 

Things don’t go the way we want, someone tells us no, we fall short of a goal, etc. Typically what we do is have feelings about it that trigger a story. That story is an interpretation of what happened and is rooted entirely in the past or how we believe things should be. When this happens, it triggers our winning strategy and moves us out of the realm of making impossible things happen.

Remember, any time we’re in our winning strategy, we’re reinforcing that some things are possible and others are not. We’re trying to ensure things turn out the way they should, but that “should” is limiting.

So instead, we have a different conversation with ourselves and others. 

Something happens, and we have our feelings. Feelings are healthy, important, and always welcome. What we don’t do is tell a story about those feelings or about what happened. We feel the raw emotion that’s there and move it through in a healthy, safe, and productive way. We notice the story because, as humans, we can’t help being meaning-making machines. But we don’t indulge in it.

We set it to the side and recognize it for what it is: a story and an interpretation rooted in the past. All that happened is what happened. Things didn’t go how we wanted, someone said no, a goal wasn’t met, etc. That’s it.

Once that’s set aside, we ask ourselves what’s missing.

What’s missing to move our impossible future into a reality? 

We’re no longer hooked by the interpretation and story, which frees us up to stay in our new way of being and better bridge the gap to where we want to be.

There’s so much more to this, and if you’re ready to workshop it for yourself, you can get instant access to my free workbook!

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