You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind

January 16, 2021

You’re allowed to change your mind at any time. Because life is always happening around us, shaping us as it goes. And that means we’re always changing, growing, healing, and evolving in different ways.

What you said you wanted and who you decided to be an hour, a month, or a year ago has no bearing on this moment.

Absolutely none whatsoever.

It’s wholly irrelevant, rooted in the past, and influencing you from a place of arbitrary “shoulds.” You’re allowed to change your mind as you gather new insights and information. As you try new things and explore different avenues. As you live and breathe and become more of yourself in every moment that you’re here.

One of the greatest ways we slow, stall, and stagnate ourselves is by thinking we have to be who we’ve always been. Believing that we have to show up in the ways we once decided we would because that’s what others expect of us. Because that’s what we said we wanted or how we chose to show up in the past.

The past is irrelevant, the future is in continuous creation, and you have more power and say about what it all looks like than you let yourself believe.

Change your mind.⁣
Let your whims guide you.⁣
Allow life to shape and reshape you.⁣
Surrender to the endless unfolding.

I promise life will become far more amazing than if you simply “stay the course” out of a false sense of obligation. It’s the only way to become who you’re here to be.


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