A No Moves You Forward as Much as a Yes

January 14, 2021

Everything is negotiable.⁣⁣

That doesn’t mean you’ll get what you ask for; it just means it’s worth asking.

It’s worth putting out what you desire and what would work best for you. It’s worth the willingness to lay it all on the table so you can try to find a middle ground.⁣

It’s also worth setting yourself up to get a no.⁣⁣
Because a no moves you forward as much as a yes.⁣

A no closes the loop on something that may otherwise keep you stuck in a wobble—always wondering if maybe, just maybe, that option could work out. Always wondering if there’s a possibility for something or someone to come back around.⁣

A no allows us to reconnect with what we desire most deeply, so we can begin seeking out new options, pathways, and more aligned opportunities.⁣

It can be painful, challenging, and all kinds of heartbreaking, yes. It can invite a massive wealth of grief and uncertainty. But it still moves you forward. It still opens you to what’s meant to come next.⁣

So, be brave. ⁣⁣
Put yourself out there. ⁣⁣
Make a request.⁣

The worst that can happen is you get a no.⁣⁣
And a no moves you forward as much as a yes.⁣


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