How to Reignite Your Creativity Again

August 11, 2020

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut lately?

You’re definitely not alone… everyone hits a dry spell from time to time. 

But even though creativity and inspiration are tricky creatures – that often come and go as they please – it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

If you simply have to get your creative juices flowing as soon and possible and catch up on some long-overdue work, here are some of my best advice on how to do just that!

Change the scenery.

You may love your home office: the chair you’ve so carefully picked, and the laptop stand set at just the *right* height.

However, spending a lot of time at the same place can get a bit… unexciting, to say the least.

So to give yourself a boost, it may be time to switch things up a bit.   

One of my favorite things to do this summer is to take my laptop and move somewhere outside (like a backyard or a coffee shop with outdoor seating). Not only does the sun feel good, but I’ve also noticed my thinking clears up and I get better ideas.

Worth giving it a try, right?

Pro tip: A balcony – or even an open window works too! 😉

Do something for the first time.

First of all, let me just say that having a routine is awesome!

BUT if you notice that your routine is taxing your creativity (rather than feeding it), allow yourself to be a bit more flexible. Shuffle things up a bit and step out of the fixed schedule.  

Granted, being adventurous nowadays isn’t as easy as it used to be. But sometimes, it’s more about gently nudging the mind rather than physically going anywhere.

For instance, maybe try making a recipe from a world cuisine you’ve never tried again. Maybe watch a movie in a language different than English (with subtitles). Perhaps skip the usual genre of the books you read and go for something totally different!

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Start writing every day.

Okay, I know some of you aren’t really thrilled when it comes to writing, but hear me out first.

Writing is an excellent exercise to jumpstart the creative engine. (Yes, the one that decided to take a nap!!)

If writing is your thing, you know the drill. All you need is a notepad and the daily commitment to write for 30-60 minutes. That’s it!

If writing isn’t your thing, then you’ll also need to shush down your inner editor, at least for a little while. Just allow yourself to write without overthinking.

The more you write, the more you’ll notice your creativity slowly coming back to life!

Pro tip: Blogging is a great way not only to spark those creative cells but also, to connect with your audience. Here’s how to write your first blog post!

Find your community.

I strongly believe we need connection now more than ever.

And yes, you probably won’t be able to meet your tribe in person right now.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t connect with them online anyways!

Your tribe of like-minded individuals is one of the best ways to find your way back from the creative dead-end.

Hop on a quick Zoom call – nothing longer than an hour. You’d be surprised to realize just how HUGE of a difference an online brainstorming session together can make! 

Search for that internal spark!

Everyone does it – taking just a *quick* peek to see what the competitors are doing and then right before you know it, you go down the rabbit hole of (unhealthy) comparison.  

Hoping to find that next burst of ideas just by looking at what the competitors are doing may draw you away from your purpose… and it never works in the long run.

Instead, I’d much more recommend you do a quick 15-minute meditation or go over your brand mission and vision.

Seek for that internal spark – that’s the one that doesn’t go away after a day or two!

What do you do to reignite your creative spark? How do you fight dry spells?

Leave me a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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