What’s the Story You Want to Tell?

August 12, 2020

What’s the story you want to tell your grandkids one day? Maybe your nieces and nephews, or anyone younger who’s willing to listen to the thread of your life?

Is it going to be a story of bravery or one of regret?

We’ve been blessed enough to be alive in a time and space where we get to redefine what it means to be BRAVE in our lives, work, and relationships.

Being brave now means following your own path, even if you walk alone. Being brave means having the strength to let go of the things that were never for you in the first place. Being brave means you’re willing to get uncomfortable – for as long as it takes – just so you can create true peace, fulfillment, and unshakeable joy.

YOU choose the narrative of the story you’re going to tell one day.

Just remember: you’re writing it every moment of every day, and you can choose a new path and a new ending at ANY time.


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