I Found Myself in a Deep Funk Last Week

July 7, 2021

Last week I felt like I was suspended in sludge. That’s the best way I could describe my energy and state of being.

I was tired, apathetic, sad, and whelmed.

There was more than one reason, as a whole lot of external stuff came up all at once. Personally, professionally, and more. I felt swallowed up, completely adrift, and ungrounded at the same time.

Yet, everything was perfect because it turns out I was just moving through a very slow-motion experience of death and rebirth.

Usually, these passages are far more intense, emotional, and rapid for me, but this one wasn’t. It was hard, and my heart felt heavy, but it was also somewhat gentle and even restful most of the time.

The best part is that what’s emerged on the other side is so much clarity, peace, energy, and alignment. I feel so free and joyful again, with a whole new set of goals and desires in tow. All of which have already begun unfolding and are bringing me such sweet souls and support as well.

Grateful for the work.
Humbled by the processing.
Emptied from all the truth-telling.
Excited about what’s coming.

It’s a good, good life.

And it’s only getting better.

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