Learning to “Run My Energy” Is a Powerful Practice

July 7, 2021

Learning to “run my energy” is something I began doing last summer, even though I’d been doing versions of it all my life without realizing it.

It’s a powerful skill and something I’m getting back to practicing more consciously again this summer.

It’s essentially about actively cultivating more of what you want to feel in your body and being. That can be more gratitude, femininity, sexuality, purpose, excitement, confidence—really anything at all.

This is especially important when we feel disconnected from parts of ourselves.

The way it works is I find even the tiniest morsel of emotion or experience, locating it in my body and breathing more life into it. I figure out where it lives on a scale of 1–10, and I crank the volume up slowly. I expand and move it throughout my entire being.

Sometimes that’s just by immersing myself in the feeling and expanding it with breath, and sometimes that’s through external means. Listening to certain music, being in certain places, doing certain physical activities, and even playing with someone else’s energy to amplify my own.

It’s powerful work, and it gives us access to so much more of what’s already in us.

The more we turn the volume up inside, the more magic we begin to experience outside. We change; physiologically, neurologically, and energetically. Our moods shift, and we begin to attract more of what (and who) we want around us.

It feels really good to be back in this practice, especially after some low-energy weeks that knocked the wind out of my sails last month. Life feels decadent, magical, and all kinds of nourishing again.

Deepening into to every day.

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