It’s Okay to Change

June 25, 2012

As long as it’s for you… to make YOU happy.

You might be changing so that your relationships with other people improve, so that you can get a better position at your company, or because the doctor says your health is about to go south, FAST. So long as it’s for you (because you WANT TO), and not simply because someone else or society says you should, we’re golden.

That said… maybe you just woke up this morning and decided you want eggs after years of adamantly professing your hatred for them. Maybe you were never very girly, and today you feel like painting your nails, just because. Maybe you’ve despised Oprah forever (and clearly for no good reason ;D), but this week? You just want to watch her show.

Maybe you feel like changing your style.

Or you’ve decided to quit your job as a lawyer and moving to the country to farm.

Maybe today’s the day you’ve decided it’s okay to watch bad reality TV.

Whatever it is, it’s okay to change. To change your mind, to try something you’ve sworn never to do or to move into a new style, phase or life.

People will get uncomfortable… but that’s not YOUR problem.

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t like this new flair for pink nails or that you’d rather spend more time at the gym then watching some silly show. Maybe your mom doesn’t like that you’re “uprooting your entire life” to follow some “silly” need to farm. Maybe your friends just don’t understand why on earth you’d pass on a cocktail to attend a personal development seminar.

This isn’t your problem, it’s theirs.

THEY are the ones who are uncomfortable with change… who are feeling forced to face their own bad habits, lack of passion or day to day RUTS. YOU are the one who’s expanding, digging deeper into yourself and uncovering who you really are and what you really want.

And that is okay. It’s more than okay… it’s necessary and beautiful.

Over the course of our lives, we’re going to change A LOT. If you’re really committed to living a life of joy, passion, fulfillment and amazing experiences, you will especially change A LOT.

Here are three tips to help you navigate the new terrain:

1) Drop anyone who doesn’t support you.

The boyfriend? He’s going to hold you back and clearly doesn’t have YOUR happiness in mind. The friends? Are not really your friends if they only accept you with open arms at cocktail hour, but not anywhere else. Your mother (and family)? May be trying to “protect” you, but if their responses and reactions weigh you down, then you may need to limit your time together.

Do you want to be happy? Healthy? Living a life filled with passion and fulfillment? Then it may be time to find a new support tribe, one that encourages your growth and exploration with love.

2) Stop caring what other people think.

Please. Please stop caring. If you want people to love and accept you for who you are, through each and every season of change, then YOU have to love and accept yourself completely. OWN IT. Own the nail polish and new style. Tell them it makes you happy, don’t defend it. This will not only allow you to move forward, it will effectively 99% of people from giving you grief.

Read this post on what other people’s actions say about you now.

3) Be open and curious.

Sometimes we’re called in a new direction that has nothing to do with where we’ll end up. The desire to start running may lead you to find the QUIET necessary to download a new business idea. Just the same as cravings for a certain food can mean you need a nutrient from something totally different, your sudden urges and desires and simply the doorway to something new and amazing.

Be open to where you’re led, even if it makes no sense and is completely out of line with who you believe yourself to be in this moment. Lean into it… dabble… play… explore.

Take Action Now!

What is one thing that’s changed about you or your desires recently? Have you honored that change or are you being stubborn to “admit” you want something different? Lean into it and take one small step in your new direction. 🙂

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