How to Turn Fear into Excitement and Make Amazing Things Happen!

May 28, 2012

Recently a good friend shared this quote with me:

“Fear is excitement without breath.” Robert Heller

All I could think was, “yes, yes, YES!”

Have you ever felt exhilaration, overwhelming excitement and as if you’re going to bounce off the walls because you can hardly contain yourself? THAT is fear with the breath.

That is you feeling the pangs of fear, but consciously or not, breathing deep into it and suddenly feeling overcome with EXCITEMENT and ENERGY!

It could be before a loved one returns from a long trip and you’re nervous/excited to see them, before it’s your turn to be called on stage to make a presentation or before jumping out of a plane to skydive… it’s an almost giddy nervousness that causes you to bounce around, shaking your hands and body, speaking high and fast.

Have you experienced this?

I’d venture to guess you have. But many times, we allow fear to get the best of us. Instead of allowing it to fuel us with passion and energy, we let it spark negative self talk. We go into our heads and think about how awful it would be if we messed up, what if he isn’t excited to see me, I’m not good enough, who do I think I am or even, I’m unworthy of this.

Turning FEAR into FUEL, is really quite simple.

BREATHE into it.

Allow yourself to shift from fear to a nervous giddiness… allow that nervous giddiness to give you energy that suddenly requires you to bounce around in your chair, speak high and fast, and smile like a crazy person with wild eyes and a heart that’s on FIRE! Indulge it, feel the butterflies in your stomach and let out a good solid squeal of anticipation.

HOLD that space.

Continue to breath into it and allow your body and mind to be overcome with excitement, wild eyes and enormous dreams. Let that passion take over, stay out of your head and speak/act from the heart. If you’re negative self talk tries to but in, simply say thank you for sharing and reconnect with that fearful part of yourself. Take another deep breath, and keep that energy flowing!

ALLOW fear to be the powerful, powerful tool that it is.

If you want supercharge your life, relationships and work, allow yourself to experience MORE fear. Most people work to avoid fearful situations at all costs, but avoidance leads to a life that lacks purpose, passion and fulfillment. Experiencing fear is a prerequisite to any type of positive change in your life!

Fear of having to learn equipment when you decide to start working out and getting in shape. Fear of having a child. Getting married. Switching careers or starting your own business. Instead of viewing it as a bad thing, start to see it as the powerful tool that it is.

Take a deep breath, feel the fire and make amazing things happen!

Take Action Now!

Leave a comment below sharing your most recent experience with fear. Did you work your hardest to avoid the feeling and instead seek comfort and security? Did you take a deep breath and experience that exhilaration? Think about how using fear for fuel would have altered the situation.

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