Notes from “Meaning is the New Money”

May 24, 2012

I’ve had an insane week of synchronicity and am finding myself led in a powerful new direction with business and life. Still loving what I’m doing and have full intentions to press forward with the blog, my program and coaching, but something new and beautiful is stirring and lighting me up!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Gabrielle Bernstein’s “Money is the New Meaning” lecture online. It was POWERFUL, inspiring, moving and full of great wisdom nuggets. Gabby’s talk was focused around making money doing good work in the world.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom for you:

Take fierce action, guided by passion.

Know that when you follow your passion, you can look a little crazy to others. 😉

Allow the movement within you to help create a movement outside of you. Be moved by it EVERY DAY. One day at a time, show up and follow your passion. Let the movement move THROUGH YOU.

Passion becomes purpose, purpose becomes profession.

Focus on WE rather than ME. How can I be of more service? How am I creating a revolutionary change?

Take inspired action. There is energy in EVERYTHING you do. Be mindful of what you’re putting out, take ONLY inspired action.

When you don’t know if it’s inspired, take a moment to TUNE IN.

A still mind will receive the guidance you need.

Make sure you’re focused on COMMUNITY. Create a community conversation around your cause.

Ambition and meaning CAN coexist!

The outside world will reflect your inner beliefs, don’t blame the naysayers. Ask yourself, “What is it about me that’s not in full faith?” “How am I not supporting myself?”

Naysayers are simply reflecting your own lack of belief.


There is nothing better for your bottom line than building purpose into your business.

When you’re scared, ask yourself, “In 10 years, will I regret not going for this?”

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