I’ve Been Making a Lot of Changes This Year

November 30, 2021

I’ve been making a lot of changes this year.

Slowly but surely weeding out the shadows, limiting beliefs, core wounds, and old ways of being. Purging anything I own that doesn’t feel aligned with who I’m becoming so I can create space for more aligned experiences to come through. Removing bad habits one by one, changing my diet, and focusing on my health—mentally and physically. Stripping everything down to the bones, even going so far as gutting the back end of my website (and business) so that I can rebuild a streamlined and strategic foundation for the future I envision.

I love this work.

I love that I have the focus and discipline again to do it as thoroughly as I am. I love that I love myself enough to let so much go and follow my heart and what calls to me. It’s not easy, it’s a ton of effort, and it’s caused agony and strain upfront.

But I trust myself the most these days.

I’ve found my way home to my truth at new levels, and I’m unwilling to follow anyone else’s path ever again, no matter the cost. This is my life and my body of work, and I’m going to make sure it all reflects the most fully aligned and fully expressed me.

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