Just Be in Each Moment

August 24, 2017

Just be in each moment of every single day.

Don’t relive the past or project your fears onto the future. Just be here now… right where your feet are, engaging in the living and loving and creating that’s right in front of you. There’s nothing else, no one else, nowhere else.

The more fully we engage in the now, the more able we are to create what we desire. Something new, something different, something better. The more able we are to choose a new way of being, because we’re no longer allowing the past to influence how we show up or respond. We’re no longer allowing the fear of recreating that past to color our future as we move forward.

There is only ever right now.

It’s easy to forget, I know. It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and the goal setting, as well as with the hopes and the fears. It’s easy to believe that if you don’t cling to the lessons of the past, you’re doomed to repeat all the things that broke your heart and bruised your soul.

But just breathe.
Come back to this moment.
Trust that you’ve learned and grown.
Feel into what’s real and true for you NOW.
And take actions that feel aligned.

One day, one moment, one step at a time.


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