Late-Night Epiphanies

May 17, 2022

Loving these late-night epiphanies that come when I stay open, allowing my sacral to respond to everything the universe places on my path.

Trusting in the magic of even the smallest moments and creating space for things to unfold ease-fully and organically. Letting myself sit in the excitement and delight of these awarenesses because I know that doing so makes me more aligned with and magnetic to the things I desire.

Trust and release are beautiful things when you have a solid inner foundation in place.

It’s not false abundance or fabricated hopefulness that’s actually anchored in fear.

It’s just trust, surrender, opening, and unfolding, simmering peacefully in the quiet spaces and taking aligned actions when we feel intuitively pulled.

This is the power of knowing and honoring your truest self and working with your personality and energetics (which includes knowing when to step outside your programming and typical ways of being).

It feels like magic, but it’s not.

It’s simply alignment.


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