Learn To Live With It

September 23, 2020

“You just learn to live with it.”

This is a sentiment we hear a lot regarding loss and heartbreak… but on it’s own, it makes it sound like grief as we’re experiencing it now is destined to become a lifelong burden.

The truth is…

You will feel happy again.
You will laugh someday, without any guilt.
You will find a new sense of normalcy.
You will experience love and joy.

And yes, you’ll still grieve. But it won’t be the gut-wrenching grief that takes you out at the knees. It won’t be the same as it is now, even if it never fully goes away, because you learn how to carry it differently. You learn how to relate to it from a new place, with a new sense of wholeness that’s nothing like what you had before.

Time — along with a heap of intention — allow our wounds to heal and our relationship to the scars, aches, lingering pain, and grief to shift.

Now, true, the comeback is a lot harder than the fall… but it’s those same hardships in healing that help us learn, change, and grow in the best way possible. In ways that allow the weight of grief to lighten and the carrying to become more easeful.

Trust the process.


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