Learning to Fall and Fail

November 14, 2019

Falling, stumbling, and being brought to your knees doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

And even if something has—by all definitions—“failed” in your life, work, or relationships, that doesn’t mean it’s over. It doesn’t prove that you’re incapable of creating what you want, or that it’s impossible no matter how hard you try.

Even when you’ve hit “rock bottom” you haven’t failed… because rock bottom means there’s no other way but up. Rock bottom is just a place we sometimes find ourselves in the aftermath of a fight, fall, or total misstep. Because of challenging chapters, big life transitions, and all the many curveballs life likes to throw our way.  

And while rock bottom can be all things devastating at times, it’s also a solid foundation from which we can begin to rise… if we’re willing.

Willing to get uncomfortable and grow in a totally new direction.
Willing to lean into the unknown with our eyes and hearts wide open.
Willing to claw our way out of the darkest depths, no matter how impossible it feels.
Willing to do the work to rise, no matter how easy it feels to stay stuck.
Willing to learn new things and new ways of being to create different results.

But we can’t do this if we’re afraid of falling and failing. If we believe we have to “get it perfect” our first time out of the gate. If we’re unable to grow from the things that knock us down or reroute when something changes the trajectory of our life.

Learn to fall. And to fail, if needed.

Each fall and fumble is shaping you. And if you’re willing to surrender to the unfolding, you will emerge a stronger, bolder, more aligned version of yourself.

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