The Gift of Grace

November 15, 2019

We think we know people. ⁣

We especially think we know the people we love inside and out… like our family, friends, and partners.⁣

Yet, we only know what they want us to know… what they’re willing and able to share. ⁣

The truth is, we never really know what’s going on in other people’s hearts, no matter how much we think we do. No matter how intuitive we are or how close we’ve become.⁣

And sometimes when bad things happen to the ones we love, our relationships fall apart, or our life is changed in an instant… we feel the heaviness of guilt.  ⁣

I could’ve said something differently. ⁣
I could’ve done something differently. ⁣
I could’ve… I would’ve… I should’ve. ⁣

But the reality is, you couldn’t have. ⁣

Because you only knew what you knew then, and you can only ever know so much about the people that surround you. That’s just the nature of living, loving, and losing in this life… and it’s so far from easy, I know.⁣

Feel your feelings and process what needs to be processed, but don’t let guilt weigh heavy on your heart for long. You did the best you could. Maybe now you know better or different… so you can do better and different… but there’s no sense beating yourself up over the past.

Give yourself the gift of grace.

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