Tiny Choices

November 19, 2019

Grief is hard. Loss is hard.

And during times like these, daily life can become impossibly hard too.
For most people, getting out of bed and heading into the kitchen to make coffee is routine. Just another morning, you know?

For a person weighed down by immense sadness, fear, trauma, or grief, getting out of bed equals summiting Mount Everest. Everything beyond that simple act is a tremendous win.

When life happens in really challenging ways—shifting the ground beneath your feet—we begin making our comeback through a series of small, seemingly insignificant moment to moment choices. Really, really impossibly feeling choices.

Get out of bed.
Put on real clothes.
Open the laptop to work.
Run that errand.

They feel overwhelmingly hard, but they are necessary for stepping into what comes next.

Sure, you won’t always have the energy and there will be bad days along the way… that’s okay, it’s to be expected… but every choice you make to rise up and come back (even when you really, really don’t want to), is one step close to finding healing and wholeness. Though, “healing and wholeness” will take time, and everything will look completely different than before.

One step, one moment, one choice at a time. 

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