Living My Joy These Days Looks Like so Many Good Things

June 14, 2021

Living my joy these days looks like so many good things.

Getting back to regular exercise to do all the things I have planned like mountain biking, climbing my next 14er with a friend this fall, getting back into rock climbing, and going on my first backpacking trip! Building a community of new like-minded friends for upcoming travel, new adventures, and incredibly transformational conversations about life and business. It looks like cutting out sugar, gluten, and everything that makes me feel like garbage while drinking more water (a feat on its own with dysphagia!) Doing a next-level skincare regiment that’s literally flaking my face off so I can get that good ol’ baby face back and properly nourish my skin. It’s saying no to the wrong people and things the second something feels off or not okay. And it looks like prioritizing my goals and creativity above all else in really fun and challenging ways.

It feels really, really incredible.

The inner and outer glow has been reflected back to me in so many interactions over the last few weeks. It’s made me realize how much I’d still been sacrificing myself, my joy, and my true self for other people, in ways big and small.

Never again.

Not for anyone or anything.

In fact, if it’s not adding joy to my life and energizing or supporting who I’m here to be and the work I want to be doing, I don’t want it. People, relationships, experiences, or opportunities.

I’m going to live my best, biggest, shiniest life now, and no one is going to stop me or distract me from it. I’ll never shrink myself or slow down again for anyone or anything (except for myself, when I want to!)

That’s a fierce promise I’m making and fully committing to. I come first. My life, priorities, wants, and needs come first. Always, always.

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