Made to Break

February 24, 2019

I believe that those of us who are born into this life with hearts already heavy and tired and worn down by the darkness… those of us who feel we have no place, who don’t belong… we were made to be broken by this world. ⁣

Not because we’re weak or defective, but because the pain of being cracked wide open is what activates our greatest gifts. It’s what guides us to our purpose, the kind of contribution only we can make. It’s what cultivates our deep capacity to hold space for healing the horrors in this world. And it’s only through the darkness that we can truly reach the light. ⁣

If I could give any words of wisdom to the younger me who sat up, night after night, contemplating leaving this world… to my fellow lost and broken and “feel like I have no place” souls… I would simply say:

Hold steady through those hopeless moments, keep breathing through the heartbreaks, and know that while it feels pointless and too hard to bear at times, you are so unbelievably close to connecting deeply with the divine. You are millimeters away from purpose and passion and finding your place. You, more than anyone else.⁣

⁣I’m living, breathing proof that a lost, ‘dark and twisty’ soul can find peace and joy and connection and love. Hold steady, because you are so close my sweet friend. So unbelievably close.⁣

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