Growing Pains

February 23, 2019

Growing pains.
It’s part of the work.

Some seasons stretch your soul something fierce. Some chapters of living force you to grow more quickly than you knew you could, in ways you never thought you’d have to. And some days and weeks ask how willing you are to be shaped into who you need to be to have the things you desire. How willing you are to surrender your grip and immerse yourself in the unfolding.

Some growing pains are soft and gentle… little moments of discomfort and fear. Passing quickly and fairly easy to navigate. But some growth… some growth rips you clean in two, because growth often requires healing. And healing sometimes requires breaking what didn’t break all the way through in the first place, so that you can begin to mend. Sometimes healing takes you out at the knees, hurting more than the thing that first destroyed you, so that you can find true peace in the aftermath.

As I’ve worked to heal my heart and relationship trauma, it’s always been more of the ‘take you out at the knees’ kind of work. It’s messy and painful and all things awful… and yet, it’s also good. So very good. Unpacking the traumas, beliefs, and fears is liberating, even if it does knock me flat on my ass again and again in the process.

Healing and growth are hard and they will ask so much of you.
But they are always a worthwhile pursuit.

And the parts that aren’t so fun?
Those are just growing pains.

The incredible discomfort and awfulness of it are literally just your cells changing and your brain forming new pathways. You will survive it, and you will step into what comes next… what you most deeply desire… with far more ease and grace for having done the challenging work. That I know for sure.

Lean in.
Get support.
Create safe containers.
Do the work.

Everything you desire is just on the other side.

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