Miracles Are…

August 14, 2014

One of my favorite lessons from A Course in Miracles is, “A miracle is a shift in perception.” By changing your perception of a situation, you completely shift your experience, the outcome and how you feel. So true and so amazing. Miracles are also found through gratitude and appreciating what’s all around you. I wrote my first Miracles Are post a few months ago, and have decided to make this an ongoing series when I feel compelled to share the miracles in my life.

Miracles Are…

  • Little adorable furballs that love you to pieces, sit in your lap while you work, snuggle you when you find yourself sleeping alone again, and are always so happy to see you when you come home, whether it’s been minutes or hours.
  • Amazing, inspiring individuals that love to connect, talk business, and are willing to give you their attention and best ideas to help you grow your business even more in the coming months.
  • A new view of forgiveness and what it really means to heal in layers.
  • Being a relatively small fare away from your favorite people in the world, bestie weekends, girl talk, and realizing you have some pretty amazing souls surrounding you in this life.
  • Aha moments, introspection, insightful books, and clarity.
  • Running six miles without stopping and accepting, finally, that you really are a runner. Also, continually being amazing by what your body is capable of.
  • Being able to do the work you were put here to do.
  • New connections, reconnections, and feeling like a magnet for all the awesome things and people. Synchronicity and kindred spirits.
  • Sleep, after many restless nights.
  • Truth telling, even when it hurts, especially when it’s hard.
  • $10 gym memberships, new albums on iTunes, Lululemon, and your favorite bosu ball and barbell workout. Mostly, reconnecting to your happy place.
  • Budgeting, streamlining, up-leveling, and systematizing.

Miracles are when you finally see how all the years, lessons, tears, and confusion really, truly lead to something amazing. Purpose, passion, connection, faith, joy, and all the things you believed to be out of your reach are present every moment of every day.


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