Miracles Are…

January 29, 2014

One of my favorite lessons from A Course in Miracles is, “A miracle is a shift in perception.” By changing your perception of a situation, you completely shift your experience, the outcome and how you feel. So true and so amazing. Miracles are also found through gratitude and appreciating what’s all around you. I wrote my first Miracles Are post a few months ago, and have decided to make this an ongoing series when I feel compelled to share the miracles in my life. I’d love to hear yours. 🙂

Miracles Are…

  • Speaking your truth, despite the fear and possibility of perfectly good things falling apart, and creating an outcome that is exactly what you desire.
  • Cleanses that make you feel AH-MAZING, shave extra pounds right off, and remind you of what it feels like to be well, energized, peaceful around food, and comfortable.
  • Surrendering and really learning the truth of the word. Also, really learning the power of the action, and seeing all the amazing things that manifest because of it.
  • Releasing the old blocks, people, junk, beliefs, stories, business models, ways of being in the world, and everything that no longer serves you.
  • The lightness, expansiveness, healing and power that comes from releasing said things. There’s nothing like a little white space to inspire the soul.
  • Faith. In yourself, in those you love and count on, in the universe and it’s diving plan, in your vision. Faith is a miraculous concept.
  • Frozen mango, green olives, avocado and garlic sale on rye crackers. Who’d have thought such tasty pleasure could come in such simple forms?
  • Learning to delegate more fully so that the work you’re here to do actually gets done in this lifetime. Better yet, in this coming year.
  • Tribes, and all the beautiful souls that occupy a single space. So much light, love, support, energy and inspiration comes from these spaces.
  • Really understanding and feeling the meaning of, “There are years that ask questions, and there are years that answer.” And the many, many awesome answers.
  • Colored post it notes, big wall calendars, sharpie pens and the joy of planning out an amazing year to come. Overflowing with so much to give to others.

Miracles are standing at the start of a new year, feet firmly planted in the ground, heart and soul as guiding lights, truth as your weapon, and nothing but amazing things to do, see, become and experience. Miracles are awesome.


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