January 25, 2014


When you can’t decide, stop and ask yourself: what’s my truth in this moment / relationship / situation?

Maybe it’s no longer serving you.
Maybe it’s draining the light out of you.
Maybe you know it needs to change.
Maybe that means getting really uncomfortable, again.

Maybe that scares you, because comfortable is an easy space to stay in… to get stuck in.

Maybe, just maybe, speaking and honoring your truth is the only next step. From there? That may just be something you don’t have to know right now. But you do know, honoring your truth is powerful enough. It will mean getting uncomfortable, it may even mean some struggle…

But your truth is the fiercest tool you have to build a life you absolutely love.
To do the work you’re meant to do. 
To become the person you’re meant to be.

Ready? Me too.

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