What Is Faith, Really?

January 14, 2014

Faith is something I’ve learned a lot about recently, and I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure… faith is scary. Faith is also not at all what we often believe it to be.

We lose faith in the Universe or God or higher power when we ask for something and it doesn’t happen. When we lose our job instead of getting a raise, our significant other leaves us when we wanted more connection, the car breaks down when we asked for a financial miracle, or things just don’t seem to be going our way.

We believe that faith is knowing the Universe will deliver on our request, like a pizza delivery boy showing up on time with exactly what we ordered.

This is not at all how faith works.

Faith is knowing that there is a higher power at work and that this higher power always has our best interests at heart. Faith is knowing and trusting that even when we seem to get the opposite of what we requested or desire, we’re getting exactly what we need, at exactly the right time.

Whether you believe that higher power to be God, spirits or the universal flow doesn’t matter, it’s about knowing that there is always a greater plan at work, whether we know what it is or not.

Sometimes we need to go through certain challenges to become the person we need to be to receive the relationship we desire (and maybe that person you’re with isn’t the right fit for that ideal). Sometimes we need something completely different than we thought to build the life we’re working so hard to create.

Faith is about trust.

Let’s look at how faith works…


Ask for what you desire, not what you specifically want. Or, ask for what you specifically want and throw, “or something incredible that’s even better!” at the end of your request. The key to getting what you want is knowing what you desire. What would having that specific thing create in your life? Security? Joy? Connection? Get clear on what you desire. An example would be “I desire feeling abundant, secure and successful” rather than, “I want a new BMW, with all the bells and whistles!”


This is becoming my new favorite word. Surrendering is about releasing the process, plan and outcome to a higher power. Allowing yourself to be guided to exactly what you need to create what you want in your life. Surrender is trusting the flow, your intuition and the nudges you receive on your journey. This isn’t easy, but it’s so freeing. Since learning to surrender, I’m less stressed, more open and things just flow.


This is where things usually get iffy… you’ve asked for what you desire, you’ve surrendered it to the Universe, and then BAM, you get something that seems totally off base. Instead of the fancy new car, your current car breaks down and you have to drive your uncle’s old station wagon. Then, you run that into a pole and have to shell out some cash to repair it. I’ve been in many similar situations, and believe me when I say, I know how easy it is to lose faith and to distrust the Universe. But I’ve been through enough trying times to know, fully and completely, you are being guided, supported, and given exactly what you need in that moment.

Faith is trusting in the process and knowing that even when things seem hard, you’re on your way to exactly what you desire, or something a million times better. Stay positive, stay faithful and thank the Universe for the lesson you must be learning or the gift you’re being given.

Give thanks.

When you ask, surrender and trust the process, you’ll get there. You’ll get the abundance, security and success you desire, just maybe not exactly like you thought you would. When you see the lesson in the struggles, the gift in the process, and your desires being fulfilled, be sure to give thanks. Thanks to god, the Universe or your higher power. Thanks to your intuition and internal guidance system. Thanks to yourself for hanging in there. Being grateful for everything in the process is the best way to bring about more positive results in your life.

It also makes faith a lot less scary.

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