My 35 Before 35 List

November 12, 2014


As I enter my 30s, one of the biggest things I’m focusing on is prioritizing my time and focusing on what’s most important in life, love and work. I’m a highly productive person, no doubt about that… but if I’m honest, I wasted a whole lot of my 20s. Sure, a lot of that was due to the epic (as well as early and long) quarter-life crisis), but it also had a lot to do with not really prioritizing my time.

I’m really, truly excited to be in my 30s. Leaving my 20s and all the chaos that they contained behind feels good. I’m so grateful for the chapter of my life, and there was a whole lot of good, but I’m so ready for this new decade. As I’ve said before, I suddenly feel very grown up! And I’ve been doing a lot of work to get to that place.

Part of really prioritizing my time is coming up with some focused goals. I didn’t rock my 30 before 30 list, but I’m not surprised… and it’s also totally okay. I did a lot of amazing things in my 29th year. And same as when I set that list, I truly hope to accomplish all that’s below, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t.

I say this because it’s a 35 before 35 list, which includes five full years (half a decade!). If my 20s taught me anything it’s that I’m constantly in flux, so this list will likely adjust to that as well.

My 35 Before 35 List:

1) Learn French + speak it in France.

2) Get my nonprofit up and running.

3) Do a TED talk.

4) Pay off all my debt.

5) Do 365 days of daily creativity.

6) Become a yogi.

7) Get certified in nutrition.

8) Publish at least two more books.

9) Make and sell beautiful art.

10) Become an intuitive energy healer.

11) Take a road trip up the west (aka best!) coast.

12) Speak and hold live events.

13) Get my body into it’s best shape.

14) Find “home” and move there.

15) Make 7 figures in my business.

16) Go to race car driving school.

17) Run my first half marathon.

18) Restore my corvette.

19) Let truth be my religion.

20) Get another tattoo.

21) Have laser eye surgery.

22) Have a beautiful event/office space.

23) Learn to really not give a F* what people think.

24) Finally learn to play the guitar.

25) Take voice lessons and write/perform a song.

As of now this list is incomplete because, again, it’s half a decade here! I want to leave myself some room to grow it and add to it as it feels right. I’d love to know, what’s on your current life bucket list? 🙂

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