No Longer Available for Relationships Like These

June 28, 2018

I’m no longer available for relationships where all of me isn’t welcome.

Where people believe they have the right to pick and choose which parts of me are and are not acceptable. If you can’t handle the wide range and complexity that makes me who I am—as a friend, romantic partner, or business owner—by all means, move along.

I’m as passionate and intense as I am happy and fun. I care as much about things like trauma, changing the world, and diving into the darkest depths of living this life as I do about making time to bask aimlessly in the sun by the creek and to belly laugh about everything and nothing all at once. I make my living building brands and websites, as well as by talking about what it takes to truly rise up and come back from the most gut-wrenching seasons of living this life.

I won’t fit into your box.
I certainly won’t try to either.

Every relationship in my life has been up for review as I start showing up more fully and completely as who I am. As I step more fully into the work I’m here to do. Every. Single. Relationship.

Life is far too short to make yourself smaller because someone can’t handle your big, bright, YOU-ness. Show up. Let anyone who’s unable to handle all of you fall away. You’ll not only survive, you’ll find your right people in the right time… and even if it’s a little quieter for awhile, life will be a whole lot more enjoyable. There will be so much more space and freedom to create exactly what you desire.


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