Nobody Does it Alone, Myself Included

December 7, 2020

For four years after my loss, I was in the constant care of so many people. Coaches, practitioners, healers, friends, and a fantastic therapist. All at different levels and intervals, but with plenty of overlap.

Even now, despite my hard-won ability to push my edges, root out my old patterns and beliefs, and untangle from subconscious strategies that no longer serve me, I rely on the care and wisdom of others. I can do so much of it on my own, but there are still many times I need support.

I talk to my most cherished and brilliant friends regularly. I enlist coaches when I need them. I work with practitioners and different modalities as my ongoing and continued healing requires. I take programs or attend events as I feel inspired.

I don’t do it alone.⁣
No one does.

I can do a lot more alone after many years of learning, healing, and growing, yes. But I also know that it happens far more rapidly when I bring in support.

You don’t have to do it alone.⁣
You don’t have to “earn” your healing or growth.⁣
You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Ask for help.⁣
Learn from others.⁣
Get guidance from safe sources.⁣
Allow others to share their hard-won wisdom.


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