One Choice at a Time

March 2, 2019

Sometimes people take things from us that we’ll never get back. Sometimes experiences alter us so deeply that the trajectory of our entire life changes in an instant. Sometimes we crack so far open that pieces of us go missing, never to be found again. And sometimes we slam into rock bottom so hard, it’s impossible to stand back up and resemble any aspect of who we were before.

This is life.
It’s loving and losing.
It’s being human.

And it’s hard and heartbreaking.
I know this all too well.

But as I’ve said before and will say many times over: the fall is not the hard part. The rock bottom. The being ripped open. The breaking. As much as they hurt and as deeply as they can destroy us, they’re not the hard part, not even close.

The hard part is getting back up. Choosing to rise from the rubble of what was once your life. What was once who you were, who you were becoming, and what you were creating. Finding the strength to walk in an entirely new direction. Coming back in the aftermath of life’s most gut-wrenching experiences and being better for it.

That’s the hard part.

Choice is everything important. And it will break your heart all over again as you start choosing to come back. There’s nothing pretty or comfortable about it, but it’s the work. It’s all things necessary. And you will be stronger, wiser, and more aligned for it.

One choice at a time.
You can do this. 

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