Raising Our Price of Admission

March 15, 2021

My price of admission went up recently.

As it does every time I deepen into my growth and healing. Every time I do the work to raise my self-worth or claim more of what I really want for myself.

My time, attention, and energy become less accessible.
I raise the standards around what I’m willing to tolerate.
I focus my energy on the things that matter most.
And I become even more unapologetic about all of it.

We don’t have to be what other people want us to be, even if we were that person just yesterday or for the last however many years. We’re not obligated to stay the same or stay in the roles and routines that bring comfort to those around us. And we’re certainly not obligated to continue giving our time, energy, or attention to anything that no longer feels aligned.

Yes, people will think you selfish if they haven’t done their growth work and continue to take the things other people do personally. Especially if they don’t feel comfortable with or supportive of change in general.

But that doesn’t make it wrong.

We’re here to be the person we’re meant to be, doing the work we’re here to do. We can’t actualize that without continuous growth and healing. And with life always happening around us, shaping us as it goes, things inevitably change—we inevitably change.

Surrender to the unfolding and stay in growth.
And keep raising your price of admission as you do.

Trust that the right people around you will be supportive, and if not, that you’ll be met by new people who understand the process.

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