Reclaiming Yourself

March 5, 2019

The last couple years have been one giant act of reclaiming myself, my life, my health, and my work in the aftermath of so much awfulness and heartbreak.

It’s been a long road.
And I’ve learned so much.

Lately I’ve been reminded of how far I’ve come. How impossible it used to feel to stand where I’m standing today. How confusing it was to try and make sense of so many things that now feel easy and right. How lost I believed I was, broken beyond repair. And yet, for all the ways I broke and all the pieces of myself I lost or allowed to be taken from me… I’m here. I’m happy. I’m more me than I’ve ever been.

I’ve learned it’s not about resiliency, the idea of ‘bouncing back’ to where you were before. Because with some things in this life, there’s no going back. Not ever. But there’s growth and growing above and beyond what you were ever capable of imagining for yourself before life tipped you over and poured you out. Because when life strips you bare, right down to your very core, there’s nothing left to do but rebuild from the truth of who you have become while leaning into what now feels most aligned.

As long as you are in motion, you’re doing the work to rise up and come back. Even if ’being in motion’ looks like lying in a ball on the kitchen floor, crying so hard you think you might stop breathing. Because you’re feeling what you need to feel all the way through. And oftentimes, that’s where we most need to start.

One day at a time, friends.
That’s all you need to focus on.

And before you know it, you’ll be further along than you ever thought you could be. Happier, more aligned, and more deeply yourself than you ever thought was possible.

Just keep showing up. 💕

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