Say Yes to the Things You Call In

May 26, 2021

Say yes to the things you call in.

Even if they scare you and especially when you’re not feeling ready or prepared. Even when it’s overwhelming and terrifying and happening faster than you thought it could.

Say yes.
Welcome it.
Feel the gratitude.

If you lean in and it’s not wholly aligned, then say no or course-correct. Appreciate what does feel good and right to energize more of that, but let it go and trust that what’s next will be more of a fit. It’s not your only shot to have what you want.

And… say yes if it’s what you asked for and feels aligned. Lean in and expose yourself to the invitation and unfolding, even if it’s terrifying. Be willing to take the risk, learn new skills, and experience all the things that will push your edges.

You’ll probably mess up, and you’ll definitely freak out to some degree, but say yes anyway.

Be braver and bolder.

The thing is, we never feel ready for a lot of what we deeply desire because we really can’t be until we’re in it. Until we’re doing the things, meeting the people, and going to all the places. Until we’re in the messy middle and navigating all our fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs in real-time, continuously choosing the things we say we want despite the utter terror of it.

Say yes.
Flail around in it.
Be a beginner.
Push your edges.
Find your way.

You’ll be so unbelievably happy you did.

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