Sit With Yourself

October 5, 2020

When was the last time you sat with yourself?
No phone, no other people, no background noise?
Just you, your hopes and dreams, and your fears?

We spend so much time on our phones, computers, and devices, but rarely in those deeper places within. We spend so much time around others, but rarely around our true selves. We spend so much inundated with noise, but rarely with our own thoughts and feelings.

Book some time to sit with yourself, the same way you’d book an hour for lunch with a friend. The idea is to sit and talk with yourself, peeling back the familiar, habitual layers of being to reach the real, raw you—the one that’s hiding beneath the noise and chatter and endless to-do lists of the everyday world.

Sink deeper and deeper until you see the truest, most honest, most vulnerable parts of yourself… especially the ones you fight so hard to avoid every day. It’s hard and scary, I know. Because there’s a lot you’ve tucked away that you’re afraid to face. But it’s essential to living life fully aligned and fully expressed.

Meet with your deepest self and let her do the talking.

What does she have to say?
What does she truly want?
What does she need?
What does she want to release?
What does she want to uncover?

You can’t avoid yourself forever.
And it gets easier to face yourself with practice.

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