5 Things to Give Up On To Find Success

October 6, 2020

One of the most surprising things I’ve learned throughout the years is that success is, above all, a mindset change.

You can be the best in your trade.

You can have the most amazing team.

You can be the most hardworking, dedicated person in the world.

And yet, if you don’t work on doing that mental shift from where you are now to where you want to be… well, then nothing happens. 

With that being said, here are a few things that you’ll *most definitely* need to give up to find success while chasing your dreams.

1. The scarcity mindset

You may be scared of talking – and even thinking! – about money.

You may struggle with putting a price tag on your *real* worth.

You may even wonder who in their right mind will pay you real money! (I assure you, plenty will!!)

All of that is the consequence of having a scarcity mindset.

Making the switch from scarcity to abundance is one of the scariest, yet most liberating things you’ll ever do for yourself. A whole new world opens up once you realize opportunities are truly infinite!

And the best part? Living a life of abundance isn’t only about attracting financial wealth. It’s about enjoying abundance in every area of your life!  

2. The fear of failure

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? I bet you already have a few ideas.

However, following your dreams head-on sometimes means walking the rope… without the safety net underneath.

It’s scary… but it’s also exciting and daring and bold and honestly, life-changing!

The goal isn’t to find safety by not falling.

The goal is to find reassurance in yourself that even if you do fall – and if you do fail –  you’ll find a way to bounce right up.

3. Perfectionism

When you’re doing something that *really* matters to you, it’s natural to obsess about every single little thing along the way. I know you want to make it just perfect!

However, most of the time, that’s the least productive thing you could do!

If you want to make some real progress, then momentum rather than perfection is going to have to become your new favorite moto.

Yes, taking the time to think everything through is fine… but rewriting your About page for the hundredth time? Spending days deciding whether to use navy blue or dark blue?

Hit the publish button, pick a color, and keep moving towards your goals.  

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4. The Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like a fraud?

You’re not alone. Even the most successful people out there share your feelings from time to time.

Now, the tricky thing with impostor syndrome is that you think one more course or one more workshop is going to become the “real deal”. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

The truth is, you’re already an expert in your field. Don’t believe me?

Think about it this way – if you know more on a subject than the average person, then you’re good to go!

Pro tip: It’s humanly impossible to know everything. We all learn and grow as we go!

5. The need to control everything…

…and everyone!

Let’s be real: you may be flying solo right now but expect your team to grow quickly if you do everything right.

Learning to trust others – but like, reaaaaally trust them – is hard. However, trying to do everything on your own may drive you crazy!

On top of that, life sometimes happens and things change.

You can’t always control the way things happen but you can always control how you respond to them.

Ready to give up on everything that’s stopping you from living the dream?

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