Summer Solstice Reflections for June 2021

June 20, 2021

Happy Solstice, friends.

I’m letting go of the same things on deeper levels this summer and incredibly grateful for where the journey is taking me. Looking forward to all the beautiful adventures, creativity, and soul-stretching in store for the second half of 2021. Appreciating how strong and steady my voice is a year after the intense experience of beginning to shed my core wounds and how unwavering I’m becoming in honoring my worth.

This leveling up has been extremely challenging at times, especially over these last six months.

But I’m finding more ease, peace, and joy.

I’m welcoming more support and care from the people around me while also becoming more self-sufficient, which is a messy duality in and of itself. And I’m focused on myself in ways I haven’t ever been in my entire life, which feels profoundly loving and healing.

I just keep surrendering to the unfolding with an open heart.

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